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Christian Carter y Yerko Giadrosich en oficina INTEGRA de Contigencia y negociaciones en Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin


Promover el intercambio cultural de jóvenes a través de programas interculturales en un marco de trabajo o estudio en los Estados Unidos.

Who We Are?

Our mission at PROGRAMAS INTERCULTURALES is to promote cultural background and knowledge for students and young adults seeking to acquire a broader perspective in such an increasingly globalized and competitive world, by means of work or study, and which generates greater personal development and curriculum.

With more than 12 years of experience and prestige, INTEGRA LIMITADA has created a solid network of contacts with the best sponsors within the USA – and now in Canada!  As a result, Integra is recognized as a leading, consolidated company in Chile due to the quality of personalized services given to our participants and guardians.

Through our American and Canadian sponsors, we manage work and study opportunities available for young adults who are willing to jump on board this adventure. Our most important labor and commitment are to support our students during the entire program process.  That is the reason why at the beginning of the exchange experience we prepare our students in the best way possible so that they understand the guidelines they will need to follow throughout the program.  Additionally, members of the Integra team travel with our students to the United States to provide them the security, confidence and support during this exchange experience.

Most of the Integra staff has experienced intercultural programs of their own; therefore we understand that working with an American staff that goes out of their way to ensure a greater voyage and an easier transition for our students.  We are proud to say that our American sponsors travel to Chile directly to support and prepare our student from the beginning of the program.  By doing so, this unites us and helps us further empathize with all students participating in our programs.

INTEGRA LIMITADA, Intercultural Programs, has offices in Santiago, Concepción and one temporal office of contingency and negotiations in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.  In addition, the United States Embassy in Santiago formally validates our company.